We are Diet 365 Bioscience Pvt. Ltd. marching ahead, driven by a passion for innovation in the sphere of healthy food. Innovation for us is in fact a mission. It’s a mission for realizing safe food to ensure sound health for all. Our products are the result of an unrelenting research, persistent dedication and professional ethics that constitute hallmark for us.


                 We proudly present Diet 365 brand of rice, wheat and oats. As their names indicate, by introducing these brands of grains and cereals with unique qualities, we are leading the mission for providing rice, wheat and oats that do not cause any harm for people with diabetes. With Diet 365 finding a place in daily meals, you can forget concerns of getting your sugar level surging, and enjoy regular courses of food.   


                 Thanks to our research and development wing whose consistent and committed efforts have gifted the world with organically treated rice, wheat and oats that stand safe for the diabetics. Each granule of our products carries a share of our undaunted commitment for the society


Diet 365 Bioscience Pvt. Ltd.takes the pleasure of introducing itsflagship product, Diet 365. These are brands of rice, wheat and oats that are perfectly suitable for the daily consumption for the diabetics as well as those who are inclined to less glycemic food. We have formulated our own technology called, ‘Hytherherba’ for effectively bridling starch outflow in rice, wheat and oats. Ours is a purely organic and safest available way of treating the raw grains, rightly making use of the wisdom contained in India’s age old herbal medicine texts.

The major cause of concern regarding the consumption of normal rice, wheat and oats among people having high and borderline sugar levels is the higher counts of Rapidly Digesting Starch (RDS), Slowly Digesting Starch (SDS) and Resistant Starch (RS). RDS helps to pump vigorously glucose into the bloodstream whereas SDS supplements the process adding to the sugar load. Instead, RS is a starch variant that withstands the process. Hence food with higher RS causes lesser formation of glucose.

According to WHO stipulations, food with Glycemic Index (GI) Value 50-55 is termed as food with low GI that is good for diabetes patients. We are so glad that our products are testified by genuine labs to contain GI Value 42-48 that makes our product a safe food for the diabetic and obese.

We take extra care during the entire organic processing not to miss the slightest traces of goodness contained in the grains. Hence our rice, wheat and oats carry with them the original aroma, texture and taste of the grains and cereals




House wife

“I have used normal wheat Diet365 atta for quite sometime before I switched to Diet365 Select Atta purely for the Sharbati variety of wheat grains used in this.”

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